Where Will Cam Newton Land?

With the QB expected to be released soon, which teams may sign the 2015 MVP

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After an injury riddled season which only allowed quarterback Cam Newton to see the field twice, the Carolina Panthers decided it was time to move on. Adam Schefter reported that the Panthers are expected to release the QB after failing to find a trade partner. For the first time in his career, Newton will have a new team. There is mystery surrounding the QB however. Some teams may be weary of Newton’s injured foot; and even if the medicals come back clean, there is still concern over what Newton can give a team on the field. While Newton had a career high completion percentage (67.9%) in 14 games during the 2018 season, he has historically been an inaccurate passer (59% career completion percentage). The QB’s injury history may also take away from his greatest ability which is running the ball. Even with all of these concerns however, there will be teams looking to take a chance on the former MVP. Below I will name four possible teams that may sign Newton.

Los Angeles Chargers

After deciding not to resign quarterback Philip Rivers, and missing out on free agent QB Tom Brady, the Chargers have a need at the position. LA seems somewhat content with playing this season out with either Tyrod Taylor or a rookie QB. That should not be the answer. The Chargers have too much talent on their roster not to be aggressive. A rookie QB isn’t going to take them over the top right away. Cam Newton might. LA has the weapons (Keenan Allen, Mike Williams, Austin Ekeler) which would allow for Newton to flourish. Pair that with a defense led by Joey Bosa and Derwin James, and you have a team that could make some serious noise. The Chargers have the cap space, and even if they aren’t sold on Newton long-term, they could still draft a QB to sit and learn for a year or two. It’s a low-risk high-reward move for LA.

Washington Redskins

Would Cam Newton want to reunite with his old coach? If so then Washington’s the place. The new regime coming into Washington could have their doubts about quarterback Dwayne Haskins. If that is true, then the Redskins could look to sign a familiar face for head coach Ron Rivera. Rivera coached Newton for the entirety of the QB’s career in Carolina. Questions about Haskins’ ability to play arose during an up and down rookie season. This could be due to a lack of offensive weapons. Nevertheless, Washington could look to make a splash. The team has the cap space; and while it would be a bold move to bring in Newton after one year with Haskins, it’s one which may bring Washington more success.

Miami Dolphins

While many expect the Dolphins to draft quarterback Tua Tagovailoa in the upcoming NFL draft, Miami may decide to take a different route. If injuries are too much of a concern surrounding Tagovailoa, the Dolphins could look to make yet another free agent signing. Even after signing multiple players during free agency, the Dolphins still have plenty of cap space to bring in Newton. Miami could offer Newton an opportunity to play for an up and coming team with many new players and draft picks. The Dolphins also have a talented receiver in Devante Parker who set career highs in many statistical categories last season. Miami could also groom a QB behind Newton, or decide to draft one next year. If it’s one thing the Dolphins have, it’s options, and Newton should be one of them.

New England Patriots

In case you missed it, Tom Brady is no longer a New England Patriot. For the first time in 20 years, the Patriots have a hole to fill at QB. What better way to do that, then by signing a former MVP. The current quarterbacks on the Patriots are Brian Hoyer, Jarrett Stidham, and Cody Kessler. These are either unproven options (Stidham), or options which will not generate much success (Hoyer, Kessler). After losing to the Ravens this past season due to Lamar Jackson’s ability to run and pass, New England could look to sign a QB with somewhat similar abilities. Insert Cam Newton. While the Patriots don’t have weapons comparable to the Chargers, they do have Bill Belichick, which is something Newton should be interested in. The Patriots would have to make some moves in order to have the cap space to sign Newton, but if they did, we would see a very different New England offense.

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