Trade Packages for Jamal Adams

Five possible moves if New York decides to trade their star safety

Since last season, trade rumors have been surrounding Jets safety Jamal Adams. Despite general manager Joe Douglas saying he wants Jamal to be a “Jet for life”, the speculation surrounding a possible trade is still there. While I do not believe New York will trade their star, if they do, it would not be the worst decision. Safety is not one of the premier positions on a football team; and while Adams is a superstar talent, his position doesn’t necessarily result in wins. Far more important positions exist on the football field. So despite Adams’ All-Pro level, the Jets wouldn’t be in the wrong for trading him. Below I will look at five teams New York could call if they do decide to trade Adams.

Pittsburgh Steelers

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New York receives: Juju Smith-Schuster, 2021 4th round pick

Pittsburgh receives: Jamal Adams

According to Steelers beat reporter Ed Bouchette, he doesn’t believe Smith-Schuster will be on the Steelers once his contract expires. This is due to one of two possibilities happening. Either Juju has a bounce back season and becomes too expensive to sign, or he has another down season and shows he’s not a true number one receiver. Either way, Smith-Schuster could soon be on his way out of Pittsburgh. New York should view Smith-Schuster has a viable number one receiver for QB Sam Darnold. Juju’s poor numbers last season were in large part because of severely below average quarterback play. The Jets could look to reunite USC teammates, and hope Smith-Schuster returns to his 2018 form (1,426 yards, 7 touchdowns).

As for the Steelers, with Juju supposedly already out of the door, they could look to get something for the receiver before it’s too late. Adding Adams to an already loaded defense would cause havoc for the rest of the NFL. While the loss of Juju may sting, Pittsburgh has a history of developing receivers. They could hope that trend continues, while adding an All-Pro talent.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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New York receives: Yannick Ngakoue

Jacksonville receives: Jamal Adams, 2021 6th round pick

It’s clear that Yannick Ngakoue wants out of Jacksonville. He has no intentions of playing another snap for the Jaguars; and it would be in Jacksonville’s best interest to trade the disgruntled defensive end. Receiving an All-Pro safety along with a 6th round selection would allow the Jags to rebuild with a defensive centerpiece. One that hasn’t yet said he doesn’t want to play for them.

The Jets haven’t had a dominant pass rusher in a very long time. Their leading sack getter last season was Jordan Jenkins, who produced a career high eight. Ngakoue on the other hand has never had less than eight sacks in a single season. He could help bring a much needed pass rush to an otherwise solid defense.

Cleveland Browns

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New York receives: Odell Beckham Jr.

Cleveland receives: Jamal Adams, 2021 4th round pick

After one season in Cleveland, Odell Beckham Jr. could be on the move once again. The experiment of bringing in Beckham didn’t work well for the Browns. Quarterback Baker Mayfield’s numbers when targeting Beckham were severely below average. Cleveland has plenty of other weapons on offense, so trading Beckham for a defensive star may be better in the long-term.

New York on the other hand should do everything in their power to improve the offense. Finding Sam Darnold a number one receiver would improve the offense immensely. Beckham would also be able to receive a large amount of targets due to the lack of receivers on the Jets roster. OBJ also said he’s not opposed to playing for the Jets. While losing Adams would damage the defense, helping Darnold should be priority number one.

Dallas Cowboys

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New York receives: Michael Gallup, 2021 2nd round pick, 2021 7th round pick

Dallas receives: Jamal Adams

It’s very clear that the Cowboys have their eyes on Jamal Adams. The trade speculation started last season just before the trade deadline. Dallas was looking to acquire Adams, and the safety said he would like to play for Dallas. Ultimately the price was too high, and no deal transpired. However, in a deal that doesn’t include a first round pick, would Dallas pull the trigger. After drafting Oklahoma receiver CeeDee Lamb, Dallas can afford to trade Gallup.

The Jets could view Gallup, who had a breakout season last year (1,107 yards and six touchdowns in 14 games), as Sam Darnold’s new number one receiver. Adding on a second and a seventh round selection would also allow the Jets to fill other holes on their roster. This deal may just be enough to satisfy both Dallas and New York.

Arizona Cardinals

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New York receives: 2021 1st round pick, 2021 3rd round pick, 2021 6th round pick

Arizona receives: Jamal Adams, 2021 7th round pick

After the acquisition of Deandre Hopkins, many expect the Cardinals to take a leap this upcoming season. That may be challenging however, considering how poor their defense was in 2019. Arizona gave up the most yards per game, the second most passing yards per game, and the fifth most points per game last season. If the Cardinals want to make a real jump, they could trade for Adams.

The Jets don’t receive a player in the deal; but they would have three new draft picks to work with, including a first round selection. New York could use those picks to fill holes through the draft. They could also use the new picks to trade for a position of need. The Jets also wouldn’t have to worry about giving Adams a large new contract in two years. The picks and financial flexibility may be enough for the Jets to accept this trade.

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