The Washington (You Fill in the Blank)

After previously stating that he would “never change the name” of his NFL franchise, Washington owner Dan Snyder has finally come to his senses. The team formerly known as the “Redskins” announced it has retired the name and logo. Washington’s NFL team has received heat (especially recently) over the racist ties to the name/logo. Companies like FedEx and Nike had decided they didn’t want to be associated with a team that had that name. Money talks, and the moves led Snyder to make a change. Whether or not you’re for or opposed to a name change is a discussion for another day. It’s happening, so let’s look at the best name suggestions for Washington.


This choice appears to be a fan favorite, and the betting favorite according to The name itself, is a reference to the Tuskegee Airmen who fought in World War II. This choice would work in new coach Ron Rivera’s eyes as well. Rivera hoped the new name would honor the military, and Redtails would do that. Redtails would also allow the team to keep the slogan “HTTR,” which previously stood for “Hail to the Redskins.” This name has a real shot at winning.


This option, while somewhat generic, has a good chance at winning. According to D.C. radio host Kevin Sheehan, “I think people do know that the Redskins have marked Washington Warriors just in case and that this has been the way. I would bet big money on the Warriors being the new name for the football team.” The team itself has said it doesn’t want the new name/logo to contain any Native-American imagery, which could cause Washington to hesitate just a bit on this name. Also, choosing the same name as one of the top NBA franchises may come off as lazy. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on this selection.


The Pigskins name is a personal favorite of mine, solely based off the logo. The name also holds originality. Not many sports franchises have a name like the Hogs. This choice could honor Washington’s past players as well. During the 1980s, Washington’s offensive line coach Joe Bugel referred to his linemen as “hogs.” The move also led to the cheerleaders being refereed to as “The Hogettes.” Pigskins on the other hand, would allow the team to still be referred to as the “Skins.” This name probably won’t win, but it’s fun to imagine.

Red Wolves

Like the Redtails, Red Wolves would allow the team to keep the slogan “HTTR.” The name is in reference to a canine which is native to the south-central United States. The name is also original, due to a lack of NFL teams with wolf/dog imagery. The uniform/logo design concepts for this selection are also impressive. The opportunity for crowd chants boost this choice up the rankings as well. Former Washington cornerback, Fred Smoot, said. “Like I said before, I can see 80,000 people in FedEx Field howling like wolves after Chase Young gets a sack to win a game.” That would be a cool sight.


Native American activists previously have suggested the team to change it’s name to the Redhawks. While this selection would most likely be acceptable, the logo would still include slight Native-American imagery, which the team has stated they don’t want to do. The name itself would be somewhat similar to the Seahawks, but may still work. It would also be yet another bird logo in the NFL. I wouldn’t put much stock into this selection winning.


While this suggestion has been floating around, I don’t see how it comes to fruition. There has already been a team known has the Washington Generals. It was the team that the Harlem Globetrotters continuously beat. No franchise wants to be associated with that. While some may suggest the team name may be used to honor war generals, it’s highly unlikely Washington would select this name.



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Jacob Burns

Jacob Burns

University at Buffalo ’20 | BA in Communication | Writer for The Sports Scientist & Kicks N’ Cleats