Patrick Mahomes Is Still King

Last night proved KC’s quarterback is still the best in the league

The anticipation for last night’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Baltimore Ravens was through the roof. The past two league MVP quarterbacks were set to square off in what figured to be maybe the game of the year. The matchup didn’t live up to expectations however. The Chiefs went on to win 34–20 in what was really never a close contest. This was in large part due to one man: Patrick Mahomes.

Lately, many have been in awe of Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, and for good reason. Wilson has been on fire to start the NFL season. He currently leads the league in passing touchdowns (14), along with having the fourth-most passing yards. Wilson’s Seahawks also have an undefeated record of 3–0.

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Mahomes looked stellar in the victory on Monday night. Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

These numbers have led to many people proclaiming Wilson as the best quarterback in the NFL. While Wilson may take home this year’s MVP award, he isn’t the best QB in the league. Much like last year how Lamar Jackson was the league MVP, he wasn’t the best quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes is still the best quarterback in the NFL.

Last night’s game against the Baltimore Ravens only proved that. The Ravens defense isn’t an easy unit to go up against. Even after giving up 34 points last night, Baltimore’s defense still averages the third-fewest points allowed per game. Patrick Mahomes however, made it look effortless. He finished the game with 385 passing yards, five total touchdowns (four passing, one rushing), and zero interceptions. Mahomes didn’t appear to be bothered at all during the game. Much like most of his career thus far, the game just comes easy to the Kansas City quarterback.

Some may look to discredit Mahomes’ ability based on players like Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce being there. But that actually is what makes last night’s game so special. It wasn’t just Hill or Kelce dominating Baltimore’s defense. Mahomes was making everyone look good. The former MVP quarterback completed a pass to eight different players, including tossing touchdowns to a fullback and offensive tackle. So sure his weapons help some, but Mahomes is the catalyst for this offense.

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Mahomes broke the record for fewest games to 10,000 yards last night. Todd Olszweski/Getty Images

Now one game wouldn’t be enough to say Mahomes is still the best quarterback in the league. Good thing he has been doing this all season. While his numbers may not be as impressive as Russell Wilson’s so far, they’re still very notable. Mahomes currently has the fifth-most passing yards, the third-most passing touchdowns, and the highest QBR in the NFL. Kansas City’s QB also hasn’t thrown an interception this season.

The real problem for Mahomes is he set his bar way too high. If he doesn’t throw for 5,000 yards and 50 touchdowns like he did in his first year as a starter, then it’s considered a “down year.” The opposite may actually be true. Mahomes is growing as a quarterback each year. He himself even said that he didn’t know how to fully read an NFL defense until last season. So even if his numbers aren’t up to the almost unrealistic expectations, that doesn’t mean Mahomes his regressing.

The star QB is still the best at his position. He’ll continue breaking records like he did last night (fastest to 10,000 passing yards). He’ll continue to put up 300 yard, three touchdown performances. He’ll most likely have his team competing for another Super Bowl. So even if Russell Wilson wins MVP this year, that doesn’t discredit Mahomes. Everyone knows if their was a draft of every player in the league Mahomes would go number one. Kansas City’s quarterback only reassured that last night.

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