NFL Uniform Rankings

After disagreeing strongly with a ranking of NFL uniforms, I decided to make one of my own. Multiple teams revealed new uniforms this offseason. While some were a complete success, others were total misses. For this list, I will be taking into account each team’s home, away, and alternate uniform.

32. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have been going for a total re brand this offseason. However, everything they’re trying just isn’t working. While many thought the new logo was a dud, the new uniforms were that much worse. The new “bone” colored uniform is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. The blue uniform isn’t terrible, but the gradient on the numbers is just odd. Couple that with the team name patch on the chest, and the Rams just produced the worst uniforms in the league.

31. Atlanta Falcons

This one hurts because Atlanta could’ve had some of the best uniforms in the entire league. Instead they came up with these. First off, the gradient on the red to black uniforms doesn’t work. Second, the numbers are abnormally large, and ruin the entire uniform. The alternate black jersey with white pants is the only acceptable look of them all.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars

Had the Jaguars kept their gradient helmets of the past, they surely would’ve been last on this list. Despite them tweaking their uniforms, the Jags still find themselves in the bottom three of the NFL. Perhaps the teal color is just the problem. The all white uniforms also lack any character. The all black look isn’t terrible, but it’s still far from great.

29. New York Giants

New York’s primary uniforms just don’t make a lot of sense to me. This is mainly due to the gray pants. The pants don’t look good with both the blue home jersey, and the white away jersey. If the Giants used their color rush uniforms all the time, they would be much higher on this list. The word Giants across the helmet looks so much better than the standard NY logo as well.

28. Seattle Seahawks

Boy oh boy do the Seahawks love trying to make that neon green on blue work. I get it, the bright green is fun, and technically is the color of the logo’s eye; but it’s so hard to make that color work with anything. The all navy uniforms are solid, but that’s about it.

27. Buffalo Bills

The standard Bills uniform of blue jersey with white pants is a solid look. It’s every other pairing that doesn’t necessarily work. Especially the all red look. The jersey/pants clash with the helmet. The all blue look also causes some contrast between the helmet and the rest of the uniform. Buffalo should keep it simple, and always wear the white pants.

26. Green Bay Packers

I might get some hate for having the Packers this low, but no one truly believes that green and yellow go good together. Everyone only likes the Packers uniforms based on tradition. That’s the only reason they aren’t lower on this list. In Green Bay’s defense, there’s not many uniform combinations which would make it better. White pants would clash with the yellow helmet, so green jersey on yellow pants is essentially their best option.

25. New England Patriots

For the first time in a while, New England decided to update their uniforms. The main problem comes with the gray helmet. If the helmet was white, these uniforms would be higher on the list. The gray just clashes with the jersey/pants.

24. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts uniforms are fine. That’s about it. They’re plain, and lack much of anything. The blue and white go well together, but there’s not much character. The Colts probably aren’t going to make major changes any time soon. Even their “redesigned” uniforms are very similar to their past ones.

23. Cleveland Browns

The Browns went back to a classic look this offseason, and for the better. While brown and orange is a strange mix, Cleveland mostly makes it work. The brown jersey with white pants is a clean look. The all brown color rush with orange lettering however is atrocious.

22. Dallas Cowboys

I don’t care that the Cowboys home uniforms are a tradition, they’re ugly. The blue on the uniform doesn’t even match the blue on the helmet. If Dallas wore any of their other uniforms more, they would be much higher on this list. However, Dallas is usually in their home uniform the majority of the season. The navy blue jersey with white pants is one of the better pairings in the NFL, but they hardly wear it.

21. Arizona Cardinals

Much like with the Colts, nothing is necessarily wrong with the Cardinals uniforms. They’re just simple. The white helmets are very plain. Also, the Cardinals always wear white pants. The pairings of either the red, white, or black jersey doesn’t look bad; it just never stands out, which is the main problem.

20. Minnesota Vikings

For every positive with the Vikings uniforms, there’s a negative as well. The font on the numbers is perhaps the best in the league. The color shade however is too light. The logo on the helmet is a great look, but the matte purple helmet itself doesn’t work. Minnesota needs to ditch the matte style, and darken the purple.

19. Houston Texans

There’s some good when it comes to Houston’s uniforms. The helmet logo is top five in the league, and the font on the numbers is outstanding. But besides that, the uniforms are boring. The Texans have a simple sleeve stripe but that’s about it. You can tell Houston needs an updated look (perhaps without the red jersey as well).

18. Chicago Bears

The Bears maintain a traditional look, which for the most part works. Their uniforms are simple, and have rarely changed. The navy blue with orange works. I have never been a fan of the number font however. A change to that, and the alternate bear logo on the helmet would rise Chicago on this list.

17. Washington Redskins

Washington’s uniforms just work. They have three different colored pants, which makes it easy for their uniforms to always flow. The yellow facemask on the helmet flows great with the red jersey/yellow pants combo. The alternate uniforms would almost work, if the pants color matched the jersey numbers.

16. Detroit Lions

Unlike other teams with gray helmets, Detroit mostly makes it work. The standard blue jersey with gray pants, while plain, flows perfectly with the gray helmet. As does the white jersey with blue pants. The only problem comes with the alternate uniforms. The alternate gray is darker than the helmet gray. Tweak that, and the Lions would be all set.

15. New York Jets

The switch to green helmets for the Jets was definitely for the better. New York decided to make a splash by brightening the green of their jerseys as well. The Jets also added and alternate black uniform which is one of the best in the NFL. The white jersey with green pants also stands out. The only problem is the home green, which contrasts some with the helmet.

14. Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have one of the best helmets in the entire NFL. The tiger stripes go perfectly with the stripes on the pants. The only problem with Cincinnati’s uniforms is the plain stripe on the jersey. It’s not really necessary, and it clashes with the stripes on the pants. Remove that, and the Bengals would be higher.

13. Carolina Panthers

Carolina has perhaps the best color scheme in the whole league. The light blue mixed with black is almost perfect. That’s why it’s so heartbreaking to see the Panthers ruin their uniforms by having gray helmets. The helmet doesn’t go with the uniforms at all, and just don’t make sense. If Carolina implemented black helmets, they would easily be top five.

12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay revealed “new” uniforms for the Tom Brady era. I place new in quotations because the Bucs really just went back to their old uniforms. That’s not a problem however. The red jersey with pewter pants looks clean, and the white on white pops. The all new pewter on pewter is a little strange, but still manages to work. While many wanted the creamsicle uniforms back, this will suffice.

11. Kansas City Chiefs

There’s not much to nitpick about Kansas City’s uniforms. Like other uniforms on this list, they lack the wow factor. Yet the Chiefs uniforms still look good. All combinations work, but the white jersey with red pants is the best out of the three.

10. New Orleans Saints

The Saints uniforms are plain, but like the Chiefs, they work. The color scheme is the main reason for the Saints being so high. The gold on black pops. The Saints black jersey with black pants is one of the best combinations in the league. The only problem, is the color rush jerseys. The gold on the uniform is darker than the gold on the helmet, which causes an issue.

9. Denver Broncos

The dark blue with orange combination looks so good on Denver’s uniforms. The helmet with the fading stripe is stellar. The jersey and pants combinations work. But the best of all is Denver’s alternate uniforms. The all orange uniforms with the alternate logo on the helmet flows so well.

8. Las Vegas Raiders

I’m not sure why, but the basic style of the Raiders looks so good. No stripes on the jersey, one stripe on the pants, yet it works. The silver and black just pair so well together. Also, the Raiders’ all white color rush matches so well with the gray helmet.

7. Philadelphia Eagles

We all wish the Eagles would bring back the Kelly green uniforms of the 90s, but what they have now work too. The helmet with the wings is easily the best element of Philadelphia’s uniforms. The Eagles also have the perfect balance between green, white, and black in all of their uniforms.

6. Miami Dolphins

Miami’s alternate uniforms are the reason they’re so high on this list. While nothing is wrong with their home and away uniforms, the alternate is by far their best. The classic logo on the helmet, along with the stripes on the sleeve make this uniform one of the best in the NFL.

5. Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore looks the best when they keep it simple. Going all black, or all white, or all purple is when the Ravens uniforms shine. Their problem comes when they start mixing pants and jerseys. If they keep it simple, it works great.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

The black and yellow look is one of the most iconic in all of sports. Every uniform combination works for Pittsburgh. The home black jersey with yellow pants pops, and the away white jersey with yellow pants flows as well. Even the all black color rush looks great.

3. Tennessee Titans

The Titans went out on a limb with their uniforms and it worked. The color scheme, the number font, the helmet design, it all works. The options are endless for Tennessee when it comes to jersey/pants color. Whether it be dark blue, light blue, or white, the Titans aren’t short of options that flow perfectly.

2. San Francisco 49ers

Sometimes keeping it classic is the best look. The red and gold of the San Francisco’s uniforms is beautiful. The gold helmet flows with the rest of the uniform, whether it be red home jerseys or white away ones. Their throwback uniforms are also one of the nicest in the league. The all white look with the unique number font gives the 49ers one of the best looks in the league.

  1. Los Angeles Chargers

I don’t think anyone can debate this selection. Virtually everyone believes the Chargers have some of the best uniforms in the league. In my opinion they have the best in the league. After revealing new ones this offseason, that was only confirmed. The powder blues with the yellow pants are spectacular. The numbers on the helmets look great, and give a classic element. The all navy alternates also stand out. The Chargers definitely were successful designing their new uniforms.




University at Buffalo ’20 | BA in Communication | Writer for The Sports Scientist & Kicks N’ Cleats

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Jacob Burns

Jacob Burns

University at Buffalo ’20 | BA in Communication | Writer for The Sports Scientist & Kicks N’ Cleats

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