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How far can Justin Herbert lead his team in 2021?

Los Angeles Chargers Team Preview — Justin Herbert
Los Angeles Chargers Team Preview — Justin Herbert

The Chargers have always been a bit of a confusing team. They typically have a decent amount of talent on the roster. In the past, however, that hasn’t resulted in as many wins as it probably should have. But that hasn’t stopped people from consistently having high hopes for the Chargers. And it appears it’s not going to stop heading into this season either.

Once again we are faced with the same dilemma. There’s no way the Chargers don’t make the playoffs this season, right?

Well, I might be falling into a trap countless others constantly do, but I don’t…

Looking at the Chiefs’ realistic chance at a perfect season

Could Kansas City Really Go Undefeated?
Could Kansas City Really Go Undefeated?

Since Patrick Mahomes became the starting quarterback, Kansas City has been a dominant force in the regular season. The Chiefs are an incredible 37–8 in games Mahomes has started since the 2018 season. But Kansas City has never done one thing. As a matter of fact, only one team in NFL history has done this.

Completed a perfect season

Only the 1972 Miami Dolphins have ended the season with an undefeated record. The 2007 Patriots were the next closest team to accomplish the feat, with their lone loss coming in the Super Bowl.

Now the Kansas City Chiefs are looking to make history this…

A 12-team playoff could damage the future of the sport

College football owns Saturdays in the fall. Not many things are better than gathering around the television for a full slate of games during the weekend. It’s a routine for most of us. You start the day off with College Gameday on ESPN, then finish it with the biggest matchup at night. The sport we all know and love, however is about to change.

On Thursday, a sub-group of the College Football Playoff’s management committee presented a change to the current four-team format. Their proposal is based around a 12-team playoff. …

What is the Titans’ ceiling after acquiring Julio Jones?

Does Tennessee Have Super Bowl Expectations?
Does Tennessee Have Super Bowl Expectations?

It’s official according to Ian Rapoport, Julio Jones will be a Tennessee Titan. A deal is all but done between Tennessee and the Atlanta Falcons. Barring a failed physical, Jones will be suiting up for the Titans this season. The compensation is being reported as at least a second-round pick and a possible fifth-round selection. Not too bad on Tennessee’s end considering they are getting one of the best receivers of this generation. Yes Julio is aging (he’ll be 32 this season), and he was injured last season, but let’s not act like Julio Jones is finished.

The superstar receiver…

Where will the superstar receiver play in 2021?

The NFL offseason never fails to bring news. And there’s not much bigger news than Julio Jones saying he’s out of Atlanta. Couple that with the Falcons appearing to be open to moving their superstar and we have a real story. So where will Julio Jones end up? Below I will name the four teams most likely to deal for the star receiver. This list isn’t going to include teams like the Jaguars and Jets simply due to the respective timelines in terms of winning. Julio’s age doesn’t line up with their rebuilds, even if both franchises have ample cap…

The first year coach already appears to be in over his head

There was supposed to be hope for the Jacksonville Jaguars after last season. Despite finishing with a 1–15 record, Jacksonville had a light at the end of the tunnel. That light was quarterback prospect Trevor Lawrence. The now number one pick was supposed to be the main building block for new head coach Urban Meyer and the Jaguars. Jacksonville was set up this offseason with plenty of cap space and draft capital to build the best possible team around Lawrence.

But instead of that, it’s been about how many ways Urban Meyer can go wrong.

The first time NFL coach…

New York appears like they won’t let Darnold 2.0 happen

While being a rookie quarterback can be difficult in and of itself, not many players faced a tougher challenge entering the league than Sam Darnold. The former number three pick was placed in almost a can’t win situation in 2018. Darnold was supposed to be the savior for New York. Instead, he would soon realize just how difficult that was going to be.

The USC QB simply wasn’t given enough support. Entering his rookie season, the Jets’ receiving group ranked 28th according to Pro Football Focus. Darnold’s top wide receiver was Robby Anderson, who finished with 752 yards. …

Top ten predictions for Thursday’s upcoming event

We’re just four days away from the 2021 NFL Draft. A night that gives every team a glimmer of hope, or almost every team (see the Packers 2020 draft). But for the most part fans can start to envision a better future for their favorite franchise. So as the date nears, below is my prediction for the top ten picks in the upcoming draft.

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence (QB)

This pick has been made in many people’s minds for a long time. Trevor Lawrence was going to be headed to Jacksonville since they clinched the number one pick near the…

Which team came out on top after the move?

The Sam Darnold era is officially over in New York. The Jets decided to send Darnold to Carolina in exchange for a sixth-rounder this year, and a second-rounder and fourth-rounder next year. So which team will end up benefitting the most?

In my opinion it’s clear cut the New York Jets won this trade.

The reason has to do with Darnold’s play thus far into his career. Putting it bluntly, Sam Darnold has not been a good NFL quarterback. Let’s start by looking at last season. In 12 games played, Darnold completed 59.6% of his passes for 2,208 yards, nine…

Which receiver should go first in the upcoming draft?

While quarterbacks usually rule the debates when it comes to the NFL draft, this year we have another position that rises to the challenge. The 2021 wide receiver class is expected to be one of the best and deepest of all time. But with such a great class comes great debate.

Who is the best receiver in this year’s class?

The debate is ultimately between two game-changing players. The first being LSU’s Ja’Marr Chase. The second being Alabama’s DeVonta Smith.

Now most mock drafts and player rankings look the same. Analysts have Chase rated higher and being selected before Smith…

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